Wood & Environment

Respect towards the environment

Interest in environmental protection has grown considerably in recent years and, in particular, interest in the world's forests. At the same time, increased attention and sensitivity to what you buy also interests the consumer. Wood-based products, for example, are appreciated by civil society and the world producers because characterized by a better overall environmental balance than competing materials (such as steel, aluminum, cement, plastics, etc..), but their real sustainability depends on how the forests from which the wood used to make these products have been managed.

Luxenti has always arose the problem of how to exercise effective control over the supply of a valuable raw material such as wood, choosing to include in its wood production material from areas subject to controlled cutting and reforestation, with FSC certification. FSC certification system is very complex and assured, thanks to a series of tests and methods of cutting, control and reforestation, ensuring sustainability of the system and proper and responsible forest management.

The multi-layer parquet is in itself an ecological choice because it uses a noble top layer that is the essence of slower growth, only where it is important: on the visible side, subject to wear, for its support a commoner, easily renewable and rapid growing spruce wood or birch plywood is used.
The spruce core of our 3 layers planks has the PEFC chain of custody certification and our plywood the FSC certification , a blend of quality and respect for the environment. Only suppliers who share our principles collaborate to provide these products.

To protect the environment and health, of course, all the complementary products that Luxenti uses in subsequent operations are absolutely environmentally friendly, nontoxic and odorless.