Classification Criteria
The pre-finished multi layer parquet refers to specific European standards implemented in Italy that determine the technical specifications and selections. The standard is UNI EN 13489 - Pre-finished multi layer parquet.
The standard defines three selections calling them "classes" according to the different wood species and different from each other due to the natural characteristics and color criteria. The constant features of high durability and resistance of the flooring remain however unchanged. The rule provides and specifies precise limits for each class:however, producers may also use "open classes" with the obligation to determine and highlight the established tolerances.

Our Selections


Regular grain, predominantly straight and semi straight grain with moderate flames. Uniform appearance and color is characteristic of the species with homogeneous tone. Possible presence of small sound and isolated knots without fiber variation.

Mixed grain, mainly flamed, with natural color contrasts. Modest presence of knots, depending on the natural characteristics of the species.

Ideal for those who love the natural look of wood, mixed grain, flamed, tangled and very contrasting in color. Possible presence of sapwood. All natural features are provided depending on the species of wood.

Mixed grain, flamed, natural color contrasts. What distinguishes the planks is the presence of knots, of small and large dimensions however filled with putty.

Selections are made according to UNI EN standards. Maximum care is taken in the division of shades of colors, but in any case, the tone of samples must be regarded as indicative and is not not binding.

Knotty and sapwood selections not provided on our price-list may be supplied on request, they are due to availability and at a price to be agreed upon, but particularly advantageous.