Why Organic?

Natural and ecological architecture, green architecture, and sustainable construction are expressions that we hear more and more that are coming into use and with increasing strength in our daily lives. However, these expressions refer to concepts completely generic and still unknown to many, collected in the concept of green building or bio-ecological architecture.

ARCHITECTURE. . .the art of construction, transformation

BIO. . . . . . . . . . . . .well-disposed to “life”, complying with nature

ECO. . . . . . . . . . . . .in equilibrium with the environment and health

Biological Architecture is to be considered as the radical re-reading of architecture itself, therefore the way to project and construct. An architecture able to create places where to live in equilibrium with the environment and with the coexistence of mankind.

What does it mean and why this necessity?

The availability of new material and modern construction technologies have determined a technological revolution, permitting architectural possibilities before unthinkable, though, at the expense of a strong environmental impact.. To this we may add, that all these new solutions used in the construction field are not always in equilibrium between mankind and his living environment. In fact, heating, air conditioning, air circulation systems and material with harmful emissions determine negative impact on our domestic micro-climate affecting the quality of life, with consequences towards our health.

Bio-ecological architecture determines a different approach to construction and to the materials used in the design and construction of living spaces.

Concepts such as health protection (release of toxic substances within the living areas), environmental protection, sustainable development, energy saving and use of renewable sources and renewable raw materials become the basic elements of a new design and construction culture that puts man and nature at the center of one's own work.

Let's talk about Parquet.....LUXENTI Parquet

Wood, intended as a natural raw material par excellence, renewable and easily disposed of, is the most suitable material for the creation of living and balanced environments, thanks to its natural physical and technical characteristics, such as termocoibent (insulates and retains heat) or hygroscopicity.

Wood is a valuable resource because of its workability, allowing multiple interpretations that makes it suitable for different contexts. Wood, a noble and valuable raw material, finds total synergy with LUXENTI'S research evolution towards the use of natural finishes.

Oiled Organic LUXENTI

LUXENTI BIOLOGICAL oiled finish is a environmentally friendly finish, made exclusively from vegetable products and with advanced process applications that determine quality in terms of performance over time and reduced maintenance.

100% natural, oil air-dried, LUXENTI Oil dries thanks to a natural oxidation process. Therefore, it does not contain chemicals such as accelerators, catalysts, etc. This is a completely environmentally friendly product and very durable, made from plant extracts.

The oiling is performed by applying a selection of oils that penetrate deep into the wood fiber to protect it from the inside. To improve the impregnation of wood fiber, LUXENTI has adopted an advanced oiling process. Completed the phases of absorption and drying, such oil gives the floor the following characteristics:

- Water-repellent properties
- High security and less maintenance over time
- Excellent resistance to tread

The organic oil finish brings out all the naturalness of the wood and the tactile sensations.
The oil finish blends well with the idea of wood "live" material because it does not creates a surface film, but keeps unchanged the original transpiration. Wood continues to live and breathe in the house, finding its natural equilibrium with the environment, helping to protect the health of its inhabitants.
The oil gives the flooring much more warm and welcoming tones and tactile sensations of absolute naturalness. With an oiled parquet, you can rediscover the pleasure of walking barefoot or sitting on the ground. It is the most suitable floor for children, healthy, warm, robust and not at all intimidated by their creativity and desire to explore.

Our floor to organic olive oil does not require complicated maintenance measures.

Our organic oil floor does not require complicated maintenance measurements; by following a simple maintenance program, oiled wooden floors will have an unlimited duration. For daily cleaning, use a specific detergent such as the LUXENTI product. Dilute it in water and spread it over the area with a wrung cloth. Do this once a year for a regenerating action, this will revitalize the floor and give it light and brighten the color. Simply spray the specific product (LUXENTI maintenance oil) and spread it out with a cloth.

THE ADVANTAGES OF BIOLOGICAL LUXENTI oiled parquet are as follows:
possibility to locally repair scratches, tracks, abrasions without reparations being visible
possibility to restore the floor from signs of wear and tear and keep it young and beautiful
possibility to lengthen the life of the parquet, eliminating the need for invasive operations such as refinishing and repainting: with a simple maintenance your parquet floor becomes eternal.

The organic oil finish does not produce a plastic film on the floor but impregnates the pores, which means there is no barrier between the floor and the environment, but there is interaction and exchange, your parquet breathes!

The following benefits are important:
a contribution to the efficiency of the heating system
greater stability of the parquet, which is more easily balanced with the environment in terms of hygroscopicity.

Our bio-compatible oil treatment , is certified by a primary laboratory in Germany according to DIN 53160/1-2. It is certified as resistant to stains from coffee, cola, and wine. These elements are used as test agents because they are particularly aggressive. Therefore LUXENTI offers you the guarantee of a product highly resistant to stains.