Instruction for the maintenance of parquet treated with Acrylic Lacquer

To keep in good condition your wood floors, the following steps are recommended:

  • Provide a doormat at the entrance to keep the area clean and to remove dust and abrasive particles from the soles of your shoes;
  • Routinely remove the dust with a cloth dampened with water and detergent;
  • Treat the floor at regular intervals (see table below) with protective products of the line CARE TOP.


The frequency of the protective treatment depends on the intensity of use of the flooring.


1 - TOP CARE SEALER after laying
Easy to use the SEALING product prevents the penetration of water in the joints of pre-finished parquet and guarantees complete sealing. It hardens and lasts long. The surface should be treated a little at a time and it is important that it is dry and free of debris (dust, dirt, grease). After application, leave it dry and then proceed to a light cleaning with a white cloth.


It must not remain on the surface.
You can walk on the floor about 1 hour after the sealing process, however, full functionality such as laying carpets and maintenance may be done only 8 to 10 days after.
Note: the product used in excess dries up in patches.


2 - TOP CARE CLEANING: Great for cleaning dirty and very dirty floors . The cleaner restores and gives your floors the original shine. The surface should be treated a little at a time. After each application, it is necessary to let the product act without it drying. Then rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth to eliminate any product residual.


3 - TOP CARE DETERGENT: To maintain your flooring.
Resistant to water, the product should be applied to the surface previously cleaned of impurities (with cloth or vacuum cleaner). After the application, it is not necessary to dry and or even polish the floor. Do not rinse the floor or step on the floor until the product completely dries.


Important: Do not mix TOP CARE with other products.