Instruction for the maintenance of parquet treated with Biological Oil

The maintenance of LUXENTI Organic Oil finish parquet (polished or brushed) is composed of very simple operations. They must be carried out with due care and regularity. It is an indispensable condition to ensure the long-time characteristics and beauty of the floor.

The maintenance treatment enhances the beauty of wood protecting it and extending its life. Over time, the floor will become stronger, thanks to the protective layer that is applied with cleaning products.


First maintenance treatment and proper maintenance of the oiled finish.


After laying the floor, you will see the signs of installation such as dust, dirt, and stains. After removing any dirt and dust left over after processing, use a vacuum cleaner with a detachable brush suitable for cleaning wood floors, we recommend to finish the flooring with LUXENTI Maintenance Oil to give the surface of the wood a more uniform appearance and the right protection.
LUXENTI Maintenance Oil is the ideal product to treat the new flooring and prepare it for everyday use. The finish strengthens the surface and makes it wear resistance. You can finish the floor by following the simple advice given in the information sheet that accompanies the product.


Regular cleaning
Each floor needs a clean surface which will ensure the highest level of hygiene and the best safeguard of the surface. To remove the dust on the surface of the floor, use a broom or vacuum cleaner with a brush suitable for cleaning wood floors. To wash the floor, we recommend the use of LUXENTI detergent. This product is especially suitable for the routine cleaning of oil treated floors, due to its nutritional properties, it quickly closes the wood pores and protects the flooring from dust and liquid penetration.
Important: Never use only water on the floor!


1 - Dilute 120 ml of detergent in 10 l of warm water.


Special cleaning
LUXENTI Maintenance Oil is also ideal for the correct maintenance of the surface; it allows the recovery of the protection layer and attenuates the effect of scratches and wear of the floor, especially in areas of great traffic. We recommend a periodic application, usually every 6 months to one year, but if the floor is exposed to heavy and frequent traffic then apply more frequently.



1. Clean the floor with LUXENTI detergent, 120 ml in 10 liters of water. The floor must be left to dry completely.

2. LUXENTI Maintenance Oil is ready for use. Apply the oil on a small area with a damp cloth or with a nebulizer. Spread out in small doses, evenly, in direction of the grain. For larger areas we recommend using a hard floor machine.

3. 1 liter of oil is sufficient for about 70 square meters.

4. It is important that the maintenance oil is completely absorbed into the wood by polishing it. Continue polishing until the wood is saturated and the surface smooth.

5. The floor should not appear wet and there must be no excess oil on the surface after polishing. Proceed in stages until all the floor has been done.

6. Drying Time: 6 to 12 hours depending on temperature and ventilation.


- Do not wash the floor for 10 days after treatment.


We recommend the use of specific LUXENTI maintenance products