Luxenti Brand

Italian style, beauty, quality, innovation and value.

The wordmark

The word LUXENTI expresses the ability “to combine Italian material, style, quality and innovation in a unique way that helps to express beauty and sustainability.”
LUXENTI is a completely original wordmark with the root from the Latin lux (light). It expresses the feelings and the effects that light has on the home furnishings and particularly on wooden floors. The essences, colors and finishes of a pre-finished wood floor express themselves first to the light and then to our touch, creating the atmosphere that each person prefers for their home. In addition, the subtle allusion to the word luxury means a choice of floor features that intimate prestige and high value.
LUXENTI products are designed in Italy and are presented with a name that has at the same time an Italian and an international sound, addressing the company towards both Italian and International markets with all Italian design, taste and craftsmanship.

The logo

The new logo, created by the prestigious international agency 1185design, contains elements of classicism and modernity in an unusual combination that is both harmonious and elegant. It reflects the offer of LUXENTI parquet where both tradition and innovation meet, allowing the customer a wide choice of style.

“Beauty in flooring”

The tagline “Beauty in flooring” expresses a commitment to provide products that meet the client's desire for beautiful flooring and for a beautiful house and it does so with a lively and slightly alluring tone.

Download the simple logo

Download the logo with the tagline